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Beautiful | Healthy | Energy Efficient | Environmentally Responsible Homes

Your Vision At Its Best

Design what you need in the style that you like and build the home that you deserve.

Faster Build Times

Have your home delivered in an agreed time, to an agreed quality of finish.

Building Technology

Plan today for how you will use your home tomorrow. Let technology work for you.

Invest and Save

Invest in shorter build times with Chalk Build and save your time and money.

Your home is inspired by great vision.

The Chalk Smart Points

Heating, Cooling & Comfort

Live in comfort all year round. With clever design and use of climate control technologies, your home is built for your comfort.

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Set the tone, even when you’re not home. Control your heating, cooling, lighting and security from your mobile phone.

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Daylighting & Artificial Lighting

A Chalk home makes the most of natural lighting and intelligently uses artificial light to help reduce your energy bills.

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Solar and Renewable Energy

Harness the power of solar and renewable energy technologies to provide electricity and hot water for your home.

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Water Resources

Get the most out of every drop by using Chalk's clever water system design to reduce your water usage by 50% or more.

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Chalk Design incorporates your home's surrounding services and amenities into the design of your home to maximise its livabilty.

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You need to look well beyond the contract price to see the real extent of savings Chalk Build offers you as your building partner.

As a home builder, investor or developer, you will save time, money and stress during your project and long after your new home has been completed.

Chalk Build is structured to give you the best outcome through every stage of your:

  • design;
  • construction;
  • occupation; or
  • sale.



I am pleased to be writing this recommendation on behalf of John Holland. The system was designed, constructed, delivered and erected within our target programme. The installation was very impressive in both speed and quality, with the entire project team at JHCR overwhelemed at how expeditiously the building was constructed.
Robert Rowe, John Holland Group Pty Ltd.

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