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The Chalk Build Benefits

You the Homeowner

Build your home with Chalk and you will have a:

  • beautiful home with enviable style;
  • healthy home which lets you enjoy the seasons, rather than having you live in an expensive air-conditioned box;
  • home which gives you greater choice in how you spend your money by reducing utility costs;
  • home that has considered the environment through use of low carbon building materials, reduced construction waste, and low ongoing carbon emissions through reduced utility demand.

You the Investor

Invest in Chalk and receive:

  • a solid asset; which
  • generates you an income; in
  • a third of the time that it would take you to build a comparable common home.

Holding costs, maintenance costs, utility costs and rentability will all effect your return on your investment.

A Chalk home will be eminently more rentable to savvy tenants, because it is beautiful and healthy.  Lower utility costs and better liveability will have greater market appeal ensuring that your investment will remain tenanted and providing you a return when bricks and mortar remain empty.

The ease of modifying, changing, repairing and maintaining the home will save you maintenance costs, thereby increasing your returns.

You the Developer

Build three rather than one.  

A simple concept which has you building a superior development in one third of the time that it takes to build a brick equivalent.

Build Time in Days
Graph of build-time comparison

The beauty of a Chalk built home is its liveability, reduced operating costs and use of environmentally responsible products, which gives your development a superior marketability and greater return on investment when compared to the brick built equivalent.   

Whilst your competitor is reaching plate height, you are on the market.  Shorter build times reduce your exposure to an increasingly uncertain housing market. Greater certainty in achieving contractual KPI’s, significantly reduce holding costs, while enabling you to sell for less, and thereby increasing your margin.  

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