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Lightweight Construction

Lightweight construction isn't a new thing. Europeans have been building homes from structural panels, wood and lightweight steel framing for nearly 70 years (Australia only 20 years).

Western Australians, on the other hand, are even harder to convince. Thanks to heavy advertising by brick companies throughout the 1980s, their love affair with the familiar rolls on like a dirty coal ball. This is despite brick's thermal inefficiency, high transportation costs and long build times.

Build A Home to Suit Your Lifestyle

An Architect-built Home on a 360m² block? Tell 'em they're Dreamin'.

Bernadette and Steve's story isn't straight-forward. After one year working closely with their architect (Tim) they carefully chose a building company. Shortly thereafter they lost $100,000 when the builder was declared bankrupt. Not a great start.

Bernadette and Steve cut their losses, pulled up their socks and started afresh. This is when they approached Chalk Build. As you might imagine - not without bitter-sweet trepidation.

Design and Build Your Home With Chalk Build

Chalk Build started in 2014. It is the brainchild of Rob, Steve and Fred and has grown into a company that understands the demand and desire for responsible building techniques. Rob was already in the business of SIPs Industries where Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) are manufactured in either custom sizes or ready-cut pieces.

The idea was to create an efficient team of builders and project managers who understood SIPs and how it can be used in passive solar and environmentally responsible builds in and around Perth.