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Building Technology

Plan today for how you will use your home tomorrow and let technology work for you.

Making and tailoring technology to work for you.

Are you tech savvy and desire interaction and control at a push of a button? Or do you like technology working in the background without input from you? Maybe you sit somewhere in the middle.

Chalk Design will tailor technology to your specific needs.

Chalk will make technology in your home work for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week whether you are at home or not.

Your requirements

Today's technology may possibly not deliver the outcomes you need.  Chalk will assist you to prioritise the technology you need in your home to achieve the best possible outcome for you.   

We live in a fast moving world with changing priorities

Building technology is developing quickly. We are forever trying to keep up with the latest in technology, but building technology goes far beyond the latest gadget.  The material you build with is the most important technology for you to consider.

Build with common masonry and achieve the hot in summer, cold in winter feel, resulting in high utility charges. OR you can choose a smart building technology offered by Chalk that carefully controls your internal temperature and reduces you utility costs.

Our basic needs may not change, but the way we get there will.

The homes you build today will have different demands tomorrow.  Why not build a home that will adapt with the changes in your life?

Chalk Design will assist in having you consider tomorrow’s requirements today.  Do you need large open spaces in your home? Large open spaces generally mean you spend a lot of your day earning the money to pay the utility companies for heating and cooling.

Plan for the future with your kids, and let your home adapt to the changing needs of your family.

There’s a lot to think about and Chalk Design will help you embrace designing for the future and for the life of you home.

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