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Faster Build Times

Build your home in one third of the time of brick & tile builds with strong and versatile SIPs panels.

The time from the start of the design to the completion of a standard residential home, usually takes between 30-36 months.  Much of this time is spent accommodating the builders’ timetable, whilst you service your banks mortgage, and landlord’s wallet.  

With a clearly communicated and understood outcome, and coordination between the design, approval and building process, Chalk compresses these three project components, thereby minimising the time it takes for you to occupy your home.  

Construction is intimately managed, both on site and in the factory.  Slab on ground can be achieved within two weeks of building approval, and lock up within a further six weeks.  Handover, subject to agreed variations, can be achieved within four months of the issue of your building licence.

Chalk will deliver your, beautiful, healthy, energy efficient and environmentally responsible home in one third of the time it takes to complete a common residential construction saving you money and giving you the lifestyle you want in the time frame you deserve.

Timelapse Construction Video

Watch the timelapse video of a Chalk SIPs construction to see just how much faster our build times are.

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