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Invest and Save

Invest in the benefits of a SIPs home to save money and build a much more comfortable home.

Whilst your investment is not working for you, you are working for it. Chalk Build’s integrated construction system can compress your projects completion time by up to two thirds of the common brick build.

Chalk will have your investment working for you in one third of the time it would take a common masonary home to be built.

How it Works

Chalk works with you to:

  • produce a beautiful, and energy efficient design;
  • get you to site quicker; and
  • deliver your investment in up to three times faster than common construction methods.   

Chalk delivers through:

  • an efficient design process;
  • engaging consultants that understand that simplifying the construction method saves time and consequently money; and
  • using quicker construction methods.

A Typical 2-Story Build Time in Weeks

 Graph of build time comparisons

Re-invest the money you save on utility costs (heating and cooling) into your mortgage and shave years off your mortgage.

You can save up to $80 per month on a typical 3 bedroom home.

Mortgage in Years

Graph of your mortgage savings

A cleverly designed home is an energy efficient home.  This can save you up to 70% on your heating and cooling costs.  Greater energy efficiency means:

  • smaller heating and cooling plant and equipment being needed, thereby reducing capital costs at the point of construction;
  • smaller plant and equipment means cheaper servicing and maintenance costs;
  • reduced running time of your  plant and equipment to achieve the level of comfort you require, thereby cutting the energy consumption in your home. Achieve your comfort level at a reduced cost for the life of the building.

Heating - $ Per Day Average

Graph of heating costs

Time is money.

Clever investors and developers increase their profit by building a quality home quickly, thereby making their capital work harder for less time.

Chalk can deliver your completed development three times faster than builders using common construction methods.  When using the Chalk construction system, your capital works three times harder than if it was applied to common building methods for the same cost, thereby tripling your return.

Build Time in Days

Graph of build-time comparison


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