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Save with Chalk Build

You the home owner

Your savings go beyond the contract price.

We work with you to achieve a beautiful and energy efficient design, get you to site quicker and deliver you your home up to three times faster compared to traditional methods.

So how do you save?

  • Competitive contract prices offering better value, passing on savings with lower overhead, ancillary costs, theft, waste and delays associated with typical builds whilst giving you a more energy efficient comfortable homes built only from high quality products available.
  • Less renting through quicker build times
  • Less bridging finance or locked up cash
  • Less holding costs for land and construction including land tax, bank charges, rates and taxes
  • More usable floor area for same size building, up to one extra room on a typical home through the use of structural insulated panels walling system
  • Lower plant and equipment costs through better design and energy efficient design and products
  • Lower utility costs saving you up to 70% through better insulation, low thermal bridging and reduced air leakage
  • Less maintenance through better materials that are more compatible with each other and less prone to cracking
  • Less stress and angst for you and your family through quicker, smoother build process

You the Investor

Beautiful buildings that perform better.

You’re tenants lease is up for renewal. We’re going nowhere they say! This home is the most beautiful, the most comfortable, the quietest and lowest energy cost home we have ever lived in!Music to your investment ears. You even had your tenant in his new home a whopping 9 months  earlier with Chalk Build helping to make you profit rather than paying out interest and overhead while waiting for you investment to be completed.

Key savings are:

  • Less lead time and cost to get your investment working for you
  • Less ongoing maintenance during the life of the investment through the use of  more compatible products
  • Lower vacancy rate through saving your tenant on utility costs, you may even be able charge a little more, we call this a winwin
  • Lower turnover of tenants, happy tenants tend to stay longer and reduce cost and maintenance
  • Lower plant and maintenance costs through  more efficient design and materials use
  • Better resale when it time to move on, through better design and performance inclusions
  • Less chance of any costly upgrades through meeting stringent future energy and environmental requirements in the future

You the developer

We don’t just sell buildings, we sell time.

As every seasoned developer knows, no matter who you are, time equates tomoney. It’s a simple fact of doing business. Chalk build can help you deliver up to 3 times more developments with the same amount of available capital over a given period compared to tradition building methods. This means up to three times more profit on sales.

Our aim is to deliver a better product faster maximising your return on investment.

  • We get you through the design and consultant period to approvals, and construction quicker. Chalk Build and its consultants understand the value of time.
  • Secure sales sooner knowing that completion is imminent reducing risk and taking the customer out of the market sooner
  • More completive contract value through lower overheads, less theft, waste management, engineering, scaffold and other ancillary costs not being passed on to you
  • Less chance of costly delays through weather and lack of trades
  • Increase sales opportunities through better energy ratings, meaning lower running costs for the new owner
  • High quality finish with scrips lines providing the highest presentation possible
  • Latest in design and product innovation demonstrating your product is a cut above the competition 
  • More saleable floor area for the same size building using Sips wall system
  • No more loosing offers through construction delays
  • Better looking smarter buildings giving you the edge over the competition

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