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Set the tone, even when you’re not home. Control your heating, cooling, lighting and security from your mobile phone.

Why adapt your lifestyle to accommodate the limitations of your home?

Chalk can let you adapt your home to your lifestyle, ensuring that your comfort is being cared for even while you are not in your home.


Pre-set your lighting schedule, or do it on the move.

Have lights turn on upon your arrival, or while you are away thereby increasing security by ensuring your home appears occupied.  Your lights will turn on as the sun goes down, set low for night light, and switch off when you alarm up for the night.

Energy Management
Set your general temperature or customize different zones through use of thermostats and air management technology.

Precise temperature control will deliver higher levels of comfort.  Temperature control should start before you return home so you walk in to a comfortable, well-lit home.

Add to your home's automation system by locking and unlocking your doors, controling your security cameras, adjusting your blinds (have them automatically open in the mornings instead of an alarm), and turning on and off ceiling fans, all from your smart phone.

Utility cost savings and enhanced comfort of your home offset the capital cost of automating your home.

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Take control of your home’s automation with a Chalk built home and maximise your comfort levels whilst reducing your ongoing utility costs

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