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Chalk Design incorporates your home's surrounding services and amenities into the design of your home to maximise its livabilty.

Many homes are being built in inner city infill areas, generally on smaller lots. The benefit of such lots is that they are located close to, or nearby many existing services. The smaller lot means that you need to carefully consider the layout of your home.

Chalk Design incorporates your home's surrounding services and amenities into the design to maximise its liveability.

For example bikes, trolleys or other devices may be more useful than cars for everyday small errands, and would be more convieniently stored at the front of your home rather than the rear.  Chalk Design will consider such lifestyle requirements in the design, and ensure that your home compliments your lifestyle rather than hinder it.  

Size may not matter

Australians have the largest homes in the world, often filling as much of their block as possible with buildings.  The consequence is that often the remaining outdoor space is unusable.  

Bigger homes mean a bigger financial commitment in terms of the cost of construction. Do you need all that indoor space? Could you spend less by incorporating more outdoor space, thereby reducing your financial commitment and improving your homes liveability? 

Research has established that there is a very clear link to family happiness and smaller spaces, not to mention less maintenance.


The orientation of your home will largely be dependent on your block.  

Standard house designs, incorrectly oriented on your lot, often result in a home that is not thermally comfortable, costs you extra money in running costs and can be unhealthy.

Our design team will assess your block and develop the most cost effective, comfortable home to suit your needs. Using passive, intelligent design strategies, our expertise will ensure you have the best possible home.


Is your home best suited to utilise a concrete floor slab, a stepped slab or be elevated on stumps and bearers?  Other considerations are location, water flow and fire which we will assist with.

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