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Solar and Renewable Energy

Solar and Renewable Energy

Harness the power of solar and renewable energy technologies to provide you with electricity and hot water for your home, all year round.

Solar and Renewable Energy

Solar energy can be harnessed to provide electricity and hot water to your home.

Electricity makes up 50% of the energy used in a home. Currently generating electricity for the home makes up almost 90% of its greenhouse gas emissions.

Use cost and tax free solar energy to power your home, thereby taking care of the environment for future generations by reducing your home's carbon footprint, whilst not effecting your lifestyle or the livability of your home.

Generating Electricity

Solar photovoltaics, PVs, create electricity from sunlight, of which we have in abundance in WA. PV panels are the most common form of on-site electricity generation.

Chalk will size the PV panels for your home by calculating the panels’ power production based on the site, orientation and panel efficiency to achieve maximum electricity generation to power your home.

A Chalk designed and built home will require a smaller PV system than that used in a common WA home, thereby saving you capital costs and making the 'payback' period for the system shorter. You get more "free" life out of the system.

Hot Water from Sunlight

Producing hot water directly from sunlight can be done by a number of methods depending on your preferred solution. In most Western Australian climatic conditions it is most economical to utilize a 'flat plate collector' over evacuated tubes and batch collectors.

A correctly located and angled plate collector will deliver hot water to your home, and pool year round without incurring significant electricity charges. Electric boosters will assist your plate collector heat water in the colder months. 

Electric boosters fed through your PVs will further reduce your dependence on grid electricity thereby reducing you utility costs.

Wind Generators

Turbines can come in a diverse range of sizes and not surprisingly the bigger they are the more power they produce. In a residential application small is generally best, as small turbine is near silent in its operation and its capital cost reasonable.  

Typically used in a rural environment to charge a battery source, recently wind systems are being connected to an inverter and used to feed power to the grid and directly to the home.

Used in combination with PVs and battery storage, turbines can successfully remove you from the grid.


Batteries have been used as stand-alone renewable energy storage for decades but have not been terribly reliable as abuse by incorrect charging can shorten their lifespan and make the uneconomic.

New technology that is almost available to the household will mean that going ‘off-grid’ or ‘net-zero’ is a distinct possibility.  Chalk will make your home battery ready to take advantage of the new technology.

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