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Water Resources

Water Resources

Get the most out of every drop by using Chalk's clever water system design to reduce your water usage by 50% or more.

Water Resources

Perth residents are one of the highest average users of water per person per year, each consuming about 131,000 litres per annum. Water use typically refers to the water used in a home for drinking, washing and watering.

Using water efficient fixtures and fittings, water efficient irrigation and landscaping, recycling water and capturing rainwater will all help to reduce water use, and cut utility costs.

Efficient Fixtures and Equipment

Fixtures that can save water include, low flow shower heads, auto shut off taps, and water saving WC’s. Under the governments WELs scheme, Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards, these products are readily available and Chalk can assist you in sourcing the same for use in your home. 

Equipment that will save you water are dishwashers and washing machines. 

Research has established that a dishwasher is more energy efficient and uses less water that the standard hand washing of dishes.

A good quality washing machine and dishwasher will have a high Energy Rating and a hot water connection so it does not have to heat its own water. 

Toilet Flushing

Dual Flush toilet cisterns are a compulsory water saving device in a home and there are many varieties on the market.  Chalk specifies a dual flush cistern with a maximum average flush of no more than 4 litres.  Reducing water usage in toilet flushing can save you up to 40,000 litres per household per year.

Rainwater and/or greywater can be used for toilet flushing.  There is the additional cost of plumbing with of grid water sourcing solutions but the additional plumbing cost can be quickly recouped through reduced utility costs. 

Rainwater Capture

Harvested rainwater has a number of uses.  Irrigation is the generally the foremost use of harvested rainwater, thereby eliminating or significantly reducing the need for potable water used on irrigation. Rain water use can be supplements with bore and grey water use. 

Chalk will assist it developing a system or a combination of systems which will best suit your home with a view to reducing your utility costs and improving environmental outcomes.

Wastewater Recycling (Grey Water)

Wastewater recycling can reduce the potable water requirement in your home.  Recycling “grey” water (water which has been used for washing and as this is still relatively clean) can be used for flushing toilets, and irrigation.

Some grey water systems deliver the water as it is, and some will filter and purify the water by removing the solids, chemicals and pathogens.

If there is no purification of the grey water, be sure that the water is not used for human or animal consumption, is not used on a sprinkler system and is not used for vegetable or fruit gardens.

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