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"Before a great build comes great design" - Rob Vis, Managing Director.

Creating your next home can be a complex and often exhausting process.  Where do you start and what information do you need before you commit?  Staged decision making establishes clarity of vision, reduces repetition and allows for more creative and effective problem solving at each stage.

Designing for sustainable outcomes remains an underdeveloped skill of many designers.  

Chalk Design prides itself in developing sustainable, cost effective designs which maximize the comfort and liveability of your home.

The working relationship with your designer is critical.  Over-involvement can limit the designer’s ability to deliver the best solutions.  Under-involvement can give you a home that doesn’t satisfactorily meet your needs.  Through our staged design process we make sure you are comfortable with each element of your design, before moving onto the next stage.  

1.    Site analysis

A site visit is completed to assess the site conditions and gather information.  A site survey and site soil classification will also be done.  By now you have written up your pre-design meeting document.  This document remains a ‘living document’ that is frequently updated throughout the design process as a record of your agreed decisions.

2.    Concept designs

We start with simple hand drawn sketches to identify the form and spatial arrangement of your home.  Concept designs are produced to communicate clearly the intent of the parties and allow you to assess your concept plans against your needs, wants and budget.

3.    Design development

Through discussion a concept design that best suits your needs and budget is developed.  

Our designers develop the concept design into a preliminary plan.  This enables you to spend time visualising your family living in the home, and if necessary revisit your concept of the home you need.  

Chalk Design we talk with you at this time about the materials to be used in your home such as external and internal finishes.

A construction estimate is developed based on a rate per square metre and general specification produced.  Consideration is also given to the cost of heating and cooling your home.  As a general rule the larger the home, the more it costs to build and operate.  Reducing the size of your home without reducing its liveability enables you to reallocate your budget to meet your financial targets.  Trimming just a few square metres could pay for double glazing, or a photovoltaic array, which will reduce your home's ongoing utility costs thereby saving you money.

4.    Final design

This is when you select your final design and make product selections.  It is at this stage that you establish your level of need for an environmentally sustainable home.  

Final design is often when budget overruns become apparent, and cost cuttings are then made.  Cost cutting is usually the single greatest threat to the environmental sustainability of your home, as sustainability features are often considered ‘optional’ and eliminated in the cost cutting process even though they may have relatively low cost.

Up front capital cost cutting generally results in increased operational costs of the home.  Operational cost cutting can be effected in the future if your home is built in a manner that readily accepts sustainability additions such as PVs, batteries, rain and grey water systems and the like.  

Once you are satisfied with your design, we submit the final design drawing to the local authority for planning approval.

5.    Council approval — Planning and/or construction certification

Straight forward designs on sites that are not subject to stringent planning controls are commonly submitted to local authorities for simultaneous planning and building approval.  

One set of plans can address both planning and construction requirements.  For more complex designs that challenge the standard approval process, separate submissions may be required.

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